Rust Engineer

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Rust and Substrate engineer highly interested in cryptography, peer-to-peer networks and blockchain interoperability


Freeverse, June, 2023 - Present
Senior Rust Engineer

Freeverse, the dynamic NFT infrastructure platform leading the way in creating User Generated Value (UGV) with digital assets. Living Assets™ provide brands and games with new and novel ways to increase revenue while engaging their customers or players like never before.


  • Leading the development of LAOS EVM-based parachain
  • Successfully launched a parachain on Kusama: KLAOS
  • Designing and developing precompiles, smart contracts and other key EVM features of the chain
  • Leading the XCM integration with other parachains
  • Researching and building POC trustless bridge between a Substrate solochain and a Polkadot parachain
  • Contributing to Polkadot’s EVM tech stack frontier

Enjin, March, 2021 - September, 2023
Core Rust/Substrate Engineer

Joined as a core Substrate engineer for formerly Efinity (now Enjin Matrixchain) parachain. Enjin Matrixchain supports NFTs on a protocol level and helps users easily integrate and interact with digital assets in their apps. I helped Enjin to launch its own layer-zero chain and migrate Efinity parachain from Polkadot to Enjin relay chain successfully.

Some highlights:

  • Heavy focus on multi-block and lazy storage migrations
  • XCM integration between parachains in the Polkadot network.
  • Researched building trustless bridge for cross-chain token transfers, e.g from Ethereum to Polkadot
  • Took active part on implementing core features of Enjin: multi tokens, fuel tanks, marketplace, staking and nomination pools
  • Led the development of infrastracture/tooling pallets, e.g emergency mode, migrations organizer, etc.
  • Led development of internal tool for easily launching local testnets (wrapper around Zombienet)

Limechain, June, 2020 - February, 2022
Blockchain Developer

Worked on several projects mostly focused in Polkadot ecosystem. Responsible for end-to-end delivery of features, from gathering requirements, to designing solutions to implementing and testing them.

Some highlights:

  • Successfully delivered 3 Web3 Foundation grants
  • Took active part in researching and implementing alternative ways of building Substrate runtimes: Subsembly
  • Worked with Ink! to write WASM smart contracts
  • Presented Subsembly at Substrate Seminar podcast and to Substrate Builders Program
  • Mentoring junior developers
  • Reduced gas usage by 50% making a critical fix in Math library

Personal projects
Blockchain Engineer


The idea of Hyperfridge is to create a bidirectional bridge to the TradFi world for blockchain applications, using Zero-Knowledge proofs. Hyperfridge’s vision is to create a ZK-based ledger to provide a trustless interfaces to TradFi so that anyone can “plug-in” their own bank-account into the Web3 world, similar as you can do it today with Stripe in the Web2 world, but open-sourced and fully trustless.


  • Leading the development of Substrate chain for resolving fiat transactions on-chain
  • Working with Risc-Zero framework to integrate zero knowledge proofs on-chain

This project is Work In Progress

ISO-8583 Polkadot Integration

Personal project to research possible integration of ISO-8583 standard to Polkadot. Successfully delivered first milestone of the grant to Web3 Foundation. is an Internet independent wireless mesh communication app. With, you can communicate directly from one device to another. I am a part-time Rust and P2p Engineer here and try to help with the development from time to time. My work mostly revolves around integrating rust-libp2p library.

Decentralized Auctioned Backends

For my senior thesis in Computer Science, I worked on a proof-of-concept project on the topic of managed decentralization. The project was aimed to explore how enterprises and companies could benefit from blockchain without compromises on privacy and thoroughput.


American University in Bulgaria, Sep 2017 - Dec 2021, BSc in Computer Science

  • Minor in Math (several advanced Math classes taken)
  • First place at university Math contest among Math department students
  • Participant of computational olympiads
  • Senior thesis with excellent mark


  • 2 times winner of AUBG Soccer League

Languages and technologies

  • Confident: Rust, NodeJs, Solidity, Substrate, Python, React, AssemblyScript
  • Some experience: C++

Open source contributions