Blockchain and Full Stack Developer

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Experienced Substrate and web3 developer highly interested in peer-to-peer networks, blockchain interoperability and cryptography.


Efinity, March, 2021 - Present
Core Rust/Substrate Engineer

Efinity parachain supports NFTs on a protocol level and helps users easily integrate and interact with NFTs. I focus on pallet and runtime development with Substrate on Efinity parachain. As part of the core enginnering team, actively participate in discussions, code reviews and writing specs.

Some highlights:

  • Led research on storage migration modes, implemented proof-of-concept template for multi-block and lazy storage migrations
  • Co-led the work on integrating XCM to our parachain and building trustless bridge for cross-chain token transfers
  • Took active part on implementing and maintaining multi tokens pallet that enables: fungible and non-fungible asset operations at protocol level (core feature of Efinity). Also worked on other trademark pallets (marketplace, fuel tanks, etc.)
  • Took active part in developing staking pallet from scratch
  • Led the development of pallet that enables filtering transactions and putting chain on emergency mode
  • Co-led development of internal tool for easily launching local testnet. Somewhat combination of parachain-launch and zombienet. Also worked on maintaining and improving CI/CD tools
  • Research and implement relay chain specific features
  • Helped troubleshooting and debugging errors of nodes
  • Integration and smoke tests for parachain with JS and Python

Limechain, June, 2020 - February, 2022
Blockchain Developer

Part of several projects mostly focused in Polkadot ecosystem. Responsible for end-to-end delivery of features, from gathering requirements, to designing solutions to implementing and testing them.

Some of the highlights of my time at Limechain:

Lending Protocol

  • Implementing, writing and testing smart contracts in Ink! smart contract language
  • Led development of math library - essential for calculations
  • Reduced gas usage by 50% making a critical fix in the implementation of wrapper types
  • Designed and implemented developer documentation
  • Designed several CI/CD pipelines for testing and building projects/libraries
  • Mentoring junior developers and code reviewing

Subsembly and AssemblyScript runtime

  • Successfully delivered 2 Web3 Foundation grants
  • Completed proof-of-concept project on building WASM runtime in AssemblyScript
  • Worked on design and implementation of library for building Substrate WASM runtimes in AssemblyScript - Subsembly
  • Closely worked and interacted with Substrate source code
  • Designed and implemented end-to-end testing architecture
  • Presented Subsembly at weekly Substrate Seminar podcast
  • Part of Substrate Builders Program

SCALE Codec in AssemblyScript

  • Core developer and maintainer
  • Writing unit and benchmark tests
  • Documentation

Personal projects
Blockchain Engineer

This section lists some of my personal and freelance projects.

Fiat on-off ramp

A Web3 Foundation grant that aims to connect banking interfaces with Polkadot ecosystem. I am responsible for building Substrate offchain-worker pallet, writing tests, as well as maintaining the project. For more information about it, refer to the original grant proposal here.

This project is Work In Progress is an Internet independent wireless mesh communication app. With, you can communicate directly from one device to another. I am a part-time Rust and P2p Engineer here and try to help with the development from time to time. My work mostly revolves around rust-libp2p library.

Decentralized Auctioned NFT Marketplace

For my senior thesis in Computer Science, I worked on a proof-of-concept project on the topic of managed decentralization. The project was aimed to explore how enterprises and companies could benefit from blockchain without compromises on privacy and thoroughput.

In the project, the goal was to build a decentralized network of nodes that host a backend for an NFT Marketplace. Backend simply serves and matches orders. Marketplace and orders function with the use of Order Commitments.

Consensus of the network is a simple Auction protocol smart contract. It is also called a Proof-of-Donation. Essentially, whichever node bids the most amount of value to the time slot, will be the winner and main processor/backend(validator) at that slot. Nodes are incentivized by commissions from gossiping and matching orders. Main backend in a given slot, gets to match all the orders in that slot.

I successfully delivered and demonstrated my proof-of-concept project and received and exceptional grade. Final version of the project is raw and it is still work in progress. Some of the key issues need to be addressed before any production grade usage.

The network and backend was built in Rust, consensus and marketplace in Solidity and frontend in React. Many design and architecture patterns are inspired by Substrate and FileCoin.

Upwork and Freelance, January, 2020 - Present,
Blockchain and Full Stack developer

Started my programming career as a freelancer and later picked up Upwork. Mostly specialize on projects in the blockchain space and provide full cycle development services as well as consultations.

Some of the projects I was part of:

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio tracker and exchange platform. Worked on integrating exchange APIs and blockchains.

Bulk sender contract in Solana and Cosmos

Port existing Solidity contract into Solana program and CosmWASM smart contract.

This project is Work In Progress

Substrate chain indexer

Built personal indexer script for Substrate chains. As part of the task, also contributed to open-source library: @open-web3js

Crypto and Fiat price indexer

Tool for indexing daily prices of cryptocurrencies and fiat. Open source.

NFT Marketplace and Gallery

Built a simple NFT marketplace and gallery.


American University in Bulgaria, Sep 2017 - Dec 2021, BSc in Computer Science

  • Minor in Math
  • First place at university Math contest among Math department students
  • Participant of computational olympiads
  • Subject tutor and student assistant in Java
  • Senior thesis with excellent mark


  • 2 times winner of AUBG Soccer League

Languages and technologies

  • Confident: NodeJs, Rust, Solidity, Substrate, Ink!, Python, React, AssemblyScript, git
  • Some experience: C++, Solana, CosmosSDK, AWS
  • Interested: ML, AI

Open source contributions